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You are no doubt reading this page because you are looking for an experienced and reliable supervisor. This may be for the first time, if you are a trainee or newly qualified therapist, or from a need to find a new supervisor or a supplementary one with specific expertise to help you support your valuable client work. Either way, let me tell you more about my experience, approach and areas of expertise.

I am a qualified supervisor (Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Supervision including online and telephone supervision). I use the Hawkins and Shohet 7 Eyed Model to frame and guide my work with supervisees. This applies to working online and face to face. I work collaboratively with the aim of fostering the best therapeutic support for the client.  This, of course, embraces fostering your clinical skills, professional growth and personal welfare.  

Critically, I believe, I also bring a wealth of my own experience gained from over ten years in a thriving private practice in addition to providing therapy within private organisational and charity environments.  I practice integrative psychotherapy with a psychodynamic focus. Whilst I work across a range of client issues, I have invested in growing a specialism in complex trauma, including dissociative conditions.

Sessions are flexible within the normal

working week and in order for you to get

a feel and sense of how we could work

together I offer a free telephone consultation

to discuss your supervision needs.  Fees are

£70 per 50 minute session, £125 per

1.5 hour session.


For more information please call me, send

me an email or complete the form on the

Contact Page.

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